Penguin Pop Games


🗓️ Release Date: August 30, 2023

💵 Price Point: $5.99

An old-school Metroidvania action-adventure romp!


Kalinur is a retro metroidvania full of action and adventure!
You explore a castle in order to find and defeat the dread wizard Kalinur, who used his power to leave the kingdom in a state of darkness and suffering.
During this adventure you will have great challenges and rewards in order to bring peace back to the kingdom.



  • Metroidvania, Heavy on the ‘Vania.
  • Classic NES-inspired Graphics and Music
  • Exploration-heavy Gameplay with 11 castle areas to unlock and explore!
  • 31 unique enemies and 9 bosses to defeat
  • Lots of Upgrades and Items… it’s a Metroidvania!

Developer: Pixel vs Pixel

Players: 1

Languages: English, Portuguese