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Penguin Pop Games provides video game porting and publishing services for console platforms. We support all the current consoles including Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

We also support ALL the crazy engines that are really hard to put on console. Ren’Py, ClickTeam Fusion, Haxe, Construct, Adventure Game Studio, RPG Maker, console emulation, and more! If you are looking for a partner for your console porting & publishing, send us an email at

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Shoot eggs down to fly up in this speedy action platformer! 40 nonstop action-packed levels filled with mechanics to discover and enemies to fight.

Evil forces have turned these five hunky beefcake time-displaced boys into animals! You’ve got to help cure them and maybe even fall in love along the way!

A minigame-packed mystery-comedy set in a TV Station! Everyone in the county suddenly disappeared, except for just enough people to film wacky stunts for the local TV station. You’re the star!

350 puzzles across 7 different games. Each puzzle is circuitry/electricity themed, but don’t worry: prior knowledge of circuitry is not necessary. Clean and chill presentation!

Ingredients are falling! Collect them to make tacos! An falling-food arcade game with a cheesy story full of crazy characters and stock photography.

A pizza-delivery themed visual novel by a former pizza delivery boy who is probably never going to work in the pizza industry again, if his boss finds out he made this game.
Starlight Shores is an island-themed romance game where you’ll visit the town of Seaside with your friends. Party under the stars, play games together, and remember that your choices matter!

After getting sad-drunk with a biker-wizard, you’ve woken up with a ghost in your bed! She’s just as scared as you are. There’s only one way to set her free.. fall in love with her!

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